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hardcorepride's Journal

The Kids Will Have Their Say
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This a community for the core. Keep it that way dudes.
a chorus of disapproval, agnostic front, allegiance, alone in a crowd, american nightmare, atari, bad brains, bane, barfight, battery, beyond, black widows, blood for blood, bold, bones brigade, breakdown, breaker breaker, burn, burning bridges, carry on, chain of strength, champion, comeback kid, committed, confront, count me out, cro-mags, cut the shit, dag nasty, damage control, damage ii, death threat, desperate measures, down in flames, down to nothing, dri, dys, edge, ensign, face value, faded grey, far from breaking, figure four, first blood, floorpunch, go-time, good clean fun, gorilla biscuits, hands tied, hardcore, harvest, hc, horrow show, hxc, i hate you, ignite, insted, intensity, judge, kid dynamite, killing time, knife fight, last rights, life's blood, lifetime, madball, mainstrike, maximum penalty, mental, merauder, minor threat, most precious blood, my luck, negative approach, nerve agents, no reply, nyc mayhem, one life crew, one up, our war, outburst, over my dead body, panic, piece by piece, pitboss2000, pride kills, proclamation, project x, rain on the parade, rancor, raw deal, reach the sky, reaching forward, running like thieves, sex positions, sheer terror, sick of it all, slapshot, soa, some girls, ss decontrol, ssd, stage dives, stalag 13, stay gold, stop and think, straight ahead, straight edge, straight youth, striking distance, supertouch, sworn in, sxe, teen idols, ten yard fight, terror, the a-team, the control, the damage done, the first step, the heist, the path of resistance, the promise, the snobs, token entry, turning point, unbroken, undertow, uniform choice, unit pride, unity, uppercut, urban waste, verse, vision, warzone, where we stand, wide awake, will to live, xheadwalkx, xtraitorx, xxx, your mistake, youth crew, youth of today, zines